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    G&T 2nd grade - what to expect?

    Hi all! My daughter is joining the G&T program 2nd grade this September and I am doing a little bit of prepping with her at home since she's coming from a school that's academically pretty weak and I worry that she might be a bit behind. Does anyone know generally what's covered in 2nd grade G&T classes (district program) in math and reading/ELA?

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    That's really going to vary by school, since the DOE has no specific curriculum standards for G&T. What school? Maybe someone here attends and can provide some insight.

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    Are there any areas you're specifically concerned about?

    Also, one of the best things you can provide a child is love. Yeah, maybe this is a corny and left-field comment, but given she'll be going into a new school and a new program, it's important for her and yourself to stay true, and keeping basic comforts and insecurities covered as well. On this note, make sure to point this out the situation to the teacher(s) personally at the earlier convenience, IMO even before a meet-the-teachers event that may occur early on in the school year.
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