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    a) HS and MS WAITLISTS now a thing b) No more Round 2 either

    de Blasio has announced that the public high school and public middle school admissions process is having two changes made:

    1) You will still be selected by the algorithm as previous, but now you will also be automatically put on a waitlist for any higher choices in your priority list
    2) No more Round 2

    He claims this is being done because "Itís actually going to be simple." I'm not so sure about that but here we have it.

    Waitlists are supposedly going to be trackable in real time (why not with current waitlists then?).

    It seems there is much ambiguity in the actual process, implementation and especially about the control by a school of the waitlist.
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    I have no doubt the DOE will screw this up in any way possible whether procedural, bad software, or poor controls/communications at the school level. Remember lab HS and then lab MS last year?


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