I'm posting this in hope that I can reach out to whoever that can help my son get his hardly earned seat back in PS 144 G&T class.

After almost 6 months of tireless effort, some sacrifices, money and time my son got 98% in his G&T test. We applied PS 144 above PS 119 as priority on our application. At first he got PS 119 and we admitted him to that school and he was #1 on PS 144 wait list. As soon as the application dead line passed, PS 144 told us that a seat available so we admitted him in PS 144 and gave a courtesy call to PS 119 about it. We got all our information about supply list, transportation date, location, time, class number etc, from PS 144 and we were so happy until all those dream came true was denied.

On my son first day of school, we put him on the yellow bus and thought all was good. Later PS 144 called me and said my son is not suppose to be in PS 144. They said he should be in PS 119 saying that PS 119 pulled my son out of PS 144 list and put it on their list. We were shocked and went to talked to the Principal of PS 144 and my son was in the office room and looked so upset and later he told us it's because there was no name, place for him in the room 317 that he was assigned in the beginning.

Talked with the Principal and found out that someone from PS 119 pulled out my son from PS 144 for no reason, without parent's acknowledgement, and PS 144 filled up the seat with next in line wait list without even asking us. I can't believe how a person has the access/ability to just take a child out of a school without any kind of supporting documents such as "application forms" and also how could PS 144 just let go of their student without checking reason/support evidence of why one of their students was pulled out. We were literally shocked. My son was so proud that he worked hard and achieved the seat and now all is shattered within moments.

After talking with Principal for over 2 hours, we were cornered with two options, (i) PS 119 G&T or (ii) PS 144 general education class. They said they will wait and see if any seat comes up in PS 144 G&T program and that my son will get it when available. To me, that is ridiculous that basically my son was put in the wait list again at a time when almost all the students are already in place across the district. I had no choice but to stick with PS 144 because PS 119 is out of my district and further from home which would make us harder since we also have younger daughter going to pre-k and have to drop off/ pick up every day.

I talked to G&T enrollment center and filed a complaint (the ES enrollment email as well), which they probably talked to PS 144 principal and resulted in the same situation. We tried to reach school district 28 superintendent but was only able to talk with office staff and after long heated conversation I was basically told that this is something out of their hands, because it's not their school district fault even though the victim, my son, is from their school district. They offered us G&T seat in other school that were lower (no offence) but we didn't take because my son already earned his seat in PS 144 and it was take away.

We have done everything we can think of. We are just so sad that after all the time, money, effort, sacrifices spent , my child seat was lost. He was so proud that he did it and now all lost. My family migrated into united states 3 years ago. It took 14 years for us to finally get into unite states as legal permanent resident because we respected the immigration policy and law and did the right way to come here. The same with the G&T application, we gave everything we got for my son to get this seat, we followed all rules and guidelines determined by NYDOE, did it the right way but now all is lost? It's totally UNFAIR to us especially for my son.

So please help me on how to escalate this issue since the district superintendent office it's out of their hand, where can i go to? How to contact G&T program director directly? My son is currently attending Gen Ed in PS 144 because of no choice and for the reasons I have written above.