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    Move from one citywide G&T to other

    I understand all citywide G&T schools have a middle school application process. Can a child currently in a citywide G&T program apply to another citywide G&T program, for middle school? Thanks

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    I *believe* the DOE took down the G&T handbook (sigh, why are they always doing this stuff, dunno if I have one around, I will look) but believe you can reapply to some but not citywide. IIRC you can transfer only if for instance you move and only then you have to show the hardship through some forms.
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    Thanks a lot for the response. I believe that you are right that you can not move from one GT&T to the other. However, will that apply when you start with the middle school application process? I thought that it is a separate process so was wondering that this restriction of not moving may not apply.

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    I honestly think you have to find out what the policy is this year. Call or email ES Enrollment, and see what they say. Like the sibling policy (which changed last year to allow Citywide preferences to include middle school as well), or the removal of the middle school tests a couple of years ago, this is an example of a policy which it seems could easily change.

    It is unfortunate that the info isn't available on the DOE website. It should be. This is because the DOE is opposed to the G&T programs, and would rather get rid of them than try to fix what they believe is wrong with them, and has removed all the useful information, including the stats about past years admissions and the G&T handbook from their website. I'm quite convinced that removing all the information is purposeful on their part; without everyone else being able to see the admission statistics, those of use who would like to advocate for the programs are at a disadvantage. And not having the handbook freely available not only makes it more difficult for those of us in these programs (which he hates) to understand the policies, makes it easier for the Chancellor to assert that the programs are accessible to only a few....even though the DOE has created this situation by making the information about the programs hard to find, concentrating the schools in wealthy areas, and perpetuating a bus policy that disproprtionately serves wealthier areas with free DOE busing to the programs.

    Call the DOE, and ask them your question, but then maybe also ask them to please put the handbook back on line, and then also call your City Council member and advocate for the G&T programs. Unless they hear from us, there won't be any G&T middle schools very soon.

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    Thanks a lot, a did write to DOE and will post what they say. It's interesting you mentioned that they took down the G&T info from the website. I also logged into mystudents account and can't find any of my application/ result information there.

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    I think Inwood hit the nail on the head on all counts.

    Be wary of what they tell you. I've been misinformed as well as been led down a rabbit's hole many time on many issues. Purposefully. They should be ashamed of themselves. And before making any decisions have a way to get it cross checked by another source. If somebody tells you something orally, it could be hearsay and useless on the day you need it, so make sure both sources are documented in some way, meaning on paper or via email. If it's on a website, be sure to screen capture it and email it to yourself on that date so you have timeline documentation of the respective detail or information.
    Passionate tutor of Elementary School subjects specializing in NY state tests, and the specialized high/middle school tests (SHSAT, Hunter, TACHS/CHSEE, ISEE, SSAT, ERB, ...)

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    Yes, a child attending a citywide program can apply to other citywide programs for middle school, but in doing so will relinquish his/her priority for continuing on to the middle-school grades at the current citywide.

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    Thanks a lot. I have written to DOE as well, however no response yet.

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