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    Choosing between PS 276 vs PS 33 G&T

    Has anyone here chosen between zoned PS 276 v PS 33 G&T? I know the curriculum is more accelerated, but wondering if the school scores and academics are truly that much more enriched and better at 33?


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    I have a child in 5th grade in PS 33; the curriculum is no accelerated but "enriched". The school has gone downhill since kindergarten when the previous principal retired. For us it hasn't been worth it, it takes 40+ minutes school bus ride one way from northern Battery Park city and this adds up to a lot of time wasted, we could never be home on time for most after school activities in our area. I love the parents and the smart kids in the G&T program but we would have had better experience overall in our zoned school. And PS 276 is even better!


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