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    6th Grade Grades and Test Scores

    I know some public middle schools look at 4th grade state test scores and grades, and some public high schools look at 7th grade state test scores and grades. I am wondering if any public high schools look at 6th grade state test scores or 6th grade grades? I would appreciate your input. Thanks!

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    Public high schools where you apply for 9th grade look at your 7th grade report card, state test cores and attendance (plus other criteria depending). Public HS do not look at 6th grade. Catholic HS - some do ask for 6th in addition 7th, and also for first report card in 8th.

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    I suspect some logic is that 6th grade is a transition time for lots of kids, but I honestly don't know if any such analysis has ever been done. In addition to what parent said I'm aware of Hunter College High School using Grade 5 math and ELA state test info however entry for there is Grade 7 not Grade 9 and it is also outside the auspices of the NYC DOE.
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    Thanks for the information!!


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