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    NYC 4th Grade Math/ELA Proficiency score mapping

    Hi -

    I am trying to find details on how the scaled scores (500/600), mapped to the proficiency ratings (4.xx/3.xx). Sadly the DOE does not provide this information. I ask this because it is the Math and ELA proficiency ratings that are used on the more competitive rubrics.

    I understand how to see/read this on my child's records, but was interested in how other raw scores mapped to the two decimal place rating.

    Would anyone consider to provide the missing details of the mapping for the "4" bucket.


    This is the specific file that is missing the last proficiency rating mapping. You need to go to the 4th grade Math/ELA tabs of the file.

    So this is the current info that I have now

    ELA (Scaled Score / Proficiency Rating)
    626 / 4.09
    639 / 4.26 ?
    656 / 4.50

    Math (Scaled Score / Proficiency Rating)
    633 / 4.27
    643 / 4.42
    648 / 4.50

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    It's based on linear interpolation between the beginning of each level and the end. Take 4th grade ELA for example. 619 is the scaled score cutoff for level 4, so it's proficiency is 4.00. 656 is the highest scaled score, so it's 4.50. Now take a scaled score of 632 for example. It's 0.351 of the way between 619 and 656 [(632-619)/(656-619) = 0.351]. Now multiply 0.351 by 0.50, which is the proficiency difference between the endpoints: 0.351*0.5 = 0.176 = 0.18. So the proficiency rating would be 4.18. Note, though, that sometimes the DOE just truncates instead of rounding to the nearest decimal, so they might actually report this as 4.17. But this will get it right within 0.01 in any case.

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    thanks. that looks close to what I was guesstimating... thank you for the extra clarification.


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