“By inviting high school students onto NYU campus through STEAMFest, we aim to empower them to pursue higher education and help them realize that learning happens in many forms and contexts.”

Here are some specific details about STEAMFest 2019:
  • When? Saturday, November 16th! 9:30AM-4:00PM
  • Where? Kimmel Center (NYU)
  • Lunch will be served
  • Optional NYU Campus Tour

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Every year, NYU students volunteer to teach unique, interactive, and engaging classes. This event provides an excellent opportunity for high school students to visit NYU and learn how their own education is relevant in helping to shape higher education. STEAMFest allows students to choose up to four classes to take for the day, with a break in-between for lunch. During this break, students will also get to talk to and ask college students any questions they may have about the college process, as well as meet other NYC high school students.

We would appreciate if you share this website and the steps to register to any students who may be interested in STEAMFest. Here are the steps to make an account and sign up for classes:
  • Click "Sign Up"
  • Put your email and a password
  • Under "Class Selection" Click "Select Classes" and follow the directions on that page
  • When logging in again, make sure you click "Log In" so you don't duplicate your account

Register Here

We truly believe this would be a great opportunity for high school students to experience a bit of the college life and learn new skills with us! I have attached the posters of the classes NYU students will be teaching!