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    D2 Middle School for student with mostly 3's in 4th grade?

    Hoping someone can help us manage expectations for D2. My child's school does not give traditional grades. We opted out of state tests. Just this fall the school submitted last year's 4th grade "grades" to DOE; mid-October was my first time seeing them; and it's 3's across the board with one 2. We were somewhat blindsided but it is what it is. My fault for not asking them to quantify what "doing well" meant.

    It's looking like pretty much all the D2 schools are screened, with the exception of zoned schools. I don't consider our zoned school to be the right fit for my kid, despite it being a popular choice for many. Should I even bother listing 12 schools? Do all of the screened schools and "SP" programs fill up with kids scoring 85% plus on the rubric?

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    Hi, since D2 is quite large, I think you would get a better response if you list your general area? Are you downtown, midtown, uptown. I personally have only really looked at the schools in the more downtown area, but would be happy to comment if this is in your area of interest. Which is your zoned school?

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    Thanks finewinescholar! We are zoned for Baruch, so we're midtown east but travel downtown for work. Not a big deal to go out of the neighborhood. We looked at some of the downtown schools but those too are screened. Is it just the "big four" (Clinton, Lab, Salk, ESMS) for which stellar grades are an absolute necessity?

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    Hi -

    the ones, I was more interested in were, but will say that we toured Baruch - which I had NO preconceived negative bias toward - and found it to be excellent. I think the school seems well run, which it has to given the larger amount of kids. I would have no issue having my child there whatsoever, and indeed listed it above several of the schools below. That said - there is a difference between the SP and the regular classes, but I believe this just means your child will get the education and pacing he/she needs. Its not to say the regular track is poor. Good luck.

    School of Future 02M413
    Institute for Collaborative Education 02M407
    Hudson River Middle School 02M289
    Lower Manhattan Community 02M896

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    Thank you. Agree completely that Baruch has solid academics. The size is the issue for us.

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    It's my understanding that at Baruch a child can have the opportunity to move up into the SP program from the gen ed program, which would be a plus in my book. Since your child wasn't graded traditionally, nor has any standardized test scores to benchmark against, it might be good to have that option if you find that he/she is actually performing above grade level in a more traditional program.

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    I personally would not be concerned with the size after having visited the school. It's well managed.


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