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    12/12 Discussion w/Shelley Mayer and local politicians about NYC Public School Issues

    PLEASE COME! This event is for parents to engage with state and local politicians about NYC public school issues especially since City Council passed recently two bills that implement two of SDAG's 2nd Report recommendations. And Jumaane Williams has proposed to make SDAG permanent. And with PTA/PA fundraising under political scrutiny, politicians need to hear parents' voices.

    Parent Leaders for Accelerated Education and Curriculum (PLACE) will host A Roundtable Discussion with NYS Senator Shelley Mayer and local politicians about Foundation Aid, Integration, and Specialized High Schools at East Side Middle School on the Upper East Side on Thurs. Dec. 12th 6-7:30pm.

    Roundtable Discussion with NYS Senator Shelley Mayer

    East Side Middle School

    331 E. 91st St btw 2nd and 1st Aves

    Thursday Dec. 12th


    This event is open to the public. Please RSVP: https://forms.gle/e2TYrdWkC47oTShTA

    Anyone wishing to submit questions can do so via email: info@placenyc.org

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    People need to go to this and vehemently voice their opinions...

    These non-elected politicians want to achieve diversity in OUR schools by forcing an outcome, without addressing the inequality in the opportunity.

    Let me ask this, is the "problem" really that the top academic programs in the city are not diverse - I think that's an outcome, a result of something - but not the problem.

    Is the problem that lower income or certain demographics do not have the same opportunities and academic achievement b/c of single parent situations, parents working two jobs, lack of private tutoring, lack of nursery schooling, lack of parents higher education, lack of care and prioritization of academics by parents, drug and alcohol abuse, gangs, lack of health insurance so kids are more sick and miss school, etc...

    Please, by all means and with taxpayers dollars, help these kids have an opportunity to catch up and give them the same opportunities as other. Then let them take the tests and get into the advanced programs. If they can't get in and the advanced program is entirely of one race, ethnicity, etc - well then keep trying to fix the problem b/c whatever they are doing is not working.

    However in NO WAY should WE let them dictate the outcome and force us to "mix" the academic abilities of our children. My very smart - not quite gifted - child deserves to be in an advanced class of kids that can tackle topics at a rapid pace. The classes should not be dumbed down and taught slower simply because it is forced to be mixed with kids of lower academic quality to make it more diverse. That is the wrong approach in my very humble opinion.

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