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    Baruch SP versus School of the Future- which to rank higher?

    Your opinion on the pros and cons of Baruch SP versus School of the Future? We didn't get a chance to tour either, so trying to figure out what to rank higher. We are in the zone for Baruch and I heard the school and SP program are strong. It is a very large school though so that is a downside for us. School of the Future is walking distance for us, but I'm not clear if the academics at Baruch SP are stronger? My child has 4s in his state tests, all 4s in behavior, but one 4 (95) and three 3s (85s) in core academic subjects (came from a school that didnt give number grades). We are ranking Salk and ESMS higher, but assuming we won't meet cut-offs for those. Thanks!

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    Note that Baruch is a good traditional school and SOF is a good non-traditional school (for instance not big on standardized tests in fact IIRC it's exempt). To get more of the sprit of each school, if you haven't already check out their websites https://www.bcchsnyc.net/ and https://www.sof.edu/
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    Love the picture on the SOF homepage... that is classic!

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    Having toured both this year, I have to say these two schools are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to educational philosophy. They are both good but it really depends what you are looking for. Baruch is a more traditional school with a Regents track, and its big size means lots of great enrichment/extracurriculars for every interest. Baruch has three separate "houses" within each grade to make it feel less big. School of the Future is a progressive school that uses Performance Based Assessment (non-testing), and is more limited in terms of after-school enrichment. Baruch has a middle school focus, SOF is a 6-12 school. Baruch more clearly defines the work the students should be doing, School of the Future seems a little more open-ended in terms of assignments.

    You kind of need to know what kind of learning environment your kid will be most comfortable in. I think that's more important than the size.

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