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    G&T Guidebook pdf?

    Can anyone point me toward a PDF of the 2019-2020 G&T admissions guide? Specifically, the one with the quick sample test at the end. I want to give my daughter a quick runthrough before she takes it tomorrow. I got a physical copy last year, but it slipped my mind this year.

    I found the Russian one online... But need English. https://www.schools.nyc.gov/docs/def...5685ac72ca1340

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    AFAIK it never quite came to fruition online although I think a paper copy did eventually make its way to some Welcome Centers. In any event I have a 2016 one around here somewhere so email me at GregsTutoringNYC@gmail.com and I can attached the pdf to you.
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    i am unable to upload the PDF to the website for some reason. Please PM me


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