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    Anyone have District 10 G&T program experience? Also seeking general info from other Bronx parents.

    Hello all!

    Any experience with G&T at PS 24 (Spuyten Duyvil) or PS 7 (Milton Fein) schools (both are district 10)? I'm going on tours soon for each of the schools but I doubt the focus will be much on the G&T. I emailed the parent coordinators and they just recommended I take the tour. I know district G&T programs differ from district to district. My expectations for either program are fairly low, but anything is better than our zoned school where the kids are out-of-control and ELA & Math proficency is half that of PS 24 and PS 7.

    Pickings are slim in the Bronx for G&T programs so this is what I'm limited to. Info is scarce online but I have extensively reviewed each school's website, ratings, test scores, neighborhoods, and relevant news articles. I've come to the conclusion that I'd rank PS 24 higher.

    Extra info: I am district 10 but live far enough from our two district G&T's that my child would qualify for a yellow bus. Even if we attained a 99 for one of the citywides, I wouldn't trek into the city and back (2+ hr round trip) and DOE yellow buses don't cross borough lines. Private buses are an option but it depends if there are enough other students in my radius to warrant a stop, which there probably aren't.

    I would love to hear Bronx parents chime in. What are your plans/options? If you're done with this process, what did you ultimately decide on?

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    We got placed at ps 7 for gen ed and then ps 24 for g&t. I toured ps7 and was unimpressed and wasn't able to tour 24 bc of covid. I also have an older child at a citywide school on the upper west side. The yellow bus doesn't come to the bronx but to does go to 187th in washington heights so that's what we do. There are, however, a TON of riverdale kids that take a private bus. It was too expensive for our family though.

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