Hello all!

Any experience with G&T at PS 24 (Spuyten Duyvil) or PS 7 (Milton Fein) schools (both are district 10)? I'm going on tours soon for each of the schools but I doubt the focus will be much on the G&T. I emailed the parent coordinators and they just recommended I take the tour. I know district G&T programs differ from district to district. My expectations for either program are fairly low, but anything is better than our zoned school where the kids are out-of-control and ELA & Math proficency is half that of PS 24 and PS 7.

Pickings are slim in the Bronx for G&T programs so this is what I'm limited to. Info is scarce online but I have extensively reviewed each school's website, ratings, test scores, neighborhoods, and relevant news articles. I've come to the conclusion that I'd rank PS 24 higher.

Extra info: I am district 10 but live far enough from our two district G&T's that my child would qualify for a yellow bus. Even if we attained a 99 for one of the citywides, I wouldn't trek into the city and back (2+ hr round trip) and DOE yellow buses don't cross borough lines. Private buses are an option but it depends if there are enough other students in my radius to warrant a stop, which there probably aren't.

I would love to hear Bronx parents chime in. What are your plans/options? If you're done with this process, what did you ultimately decide on?