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    PS 340 Sixth Avenue Elementary School vs D2 G&T

    My kid just got his G&T score. Has anyone had to choose between PS340 and a G&T program? Can someone tell me more about PS340? the good and the bad. Thank you all.

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    If you asked me this question in February 2020, I would say D2 G&T if the commute is under 1 hour. If you ask me the question today, I would choose whichever is the walkable/shorter commute. With the current pandemic seemlng to never end or at least be a long term issue, I would do everything I can for my child to avoid a bussing or public transit situation. Masks as a daily part of life will be the norm for the foreseeable future.

    There some info out there for PS340 here



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    I guess I'm a little late to respond, but two kids in PS340 and will say hands down this school is excellent, of the highest quality you can ask for. I don't believe my kids would be better off in a GT program. I've done accelerated learning for them in the past, and frankly, I prefer to learn as needed. No need to teach 4th grade math in 2nd grade. My kids can both do NY standard math for a full school year probably in about 4 weeks time, but again. Not the point. PS340 has so much to offer the kids. Pat Carney is superb. The teachers are super. My daughter is going to Salk, who could ask for more!!!


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