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Thread: G&T books

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    G&T books

    Hi there - does anybody have any G&T books that they are looking to get rid of. My child will be appearing for the test in 4 months for entrance into kindergarten


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    Sorry not for Level A (entering K and 1st), those are on the rubbish heap. Its crazy that we purchase these books year after year. I was set to order used for Level B, but then I realized if my son sees a previously marked answer, even if mostly erased, he will be influenced in his response...so I ordered new again...sigh. A few decent links for free sample tests for Level A: select for OLSAT Level A and NNAT2/3 Level A.


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    Thanks - how are the bright kids and kweller prep books? Better than the ones you find on amazon?

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    I used the TestingMom.com and Gateway Gifted Resources books. BrightKids free samples online seem to be more of the same. I don't think it matters, but I do recommend using at least two sources. Best practice 2nd time around (went from 96 to 99) was full-length practice tests. Keeping their focus for 30-40 mins., listening for questions only read once is the real challenge for 4-5yr. olds. Now that test is administered at school by familiar faces and voices!, I think its easier. Curve is national so if this boosts all scores it doesn't matter, we only compete with other NYC kids for offers. It means odds of winning the lottery just got a bit harder, and the District programs are shrinking.
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    Few questions if you don't mind
    1) Is lottery for city-based schools fair to all or is preference provided to those in the district?
    2) What do you mena by 'Now that test is administered at school by familiar faces and voices!'. My daughter goes to UPK - will she get the test administered in her own school?


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    1) Not district-dependent, but when 1500+ kids (97+) vie for 300 CW seats its hardly fair. About 40 seats go to "free-lunch" qualifiers (diversity), and about 30 to siblings.
    2) Last year all UPK, Pre-K and Charters tested at centers, usually a school in your district. All K-2 students tested at their current school. Not sure what 2021 will bring. Since we were already in K, my son's art teacher administered the test.

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    You say 97+ but isn't it true that to get into citywide, you need 99 and nothing else in practice if you don't qualify for free lunch or sibling priority. And then if you score a 99, you only stand about a 20% chance at best by winning the lottery? I'm just setting expectations for myself and it's fine if my child doesn't get in eventually - I still think it's good education to bestow which will help her even if she goes to our assigned district school

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    Yes, definitely in practice...but odds for K are closer to 30-40%....670+ 99's for ~230 seats (both discounted for Diversity and siblings). Anderson lowest odds due to most selected, NEST highest due to twice the seats.
    99's will also have their pick of District programs.

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    Two more questions
    1) is 45 mins really the average time for kids to complete the test of 78 questions? I thought most kids would take a minute to answer each question
    2) also, my kid is born Jan 2016 so I guess she's in the most senior or difficult part of the test for kids entering Kindergarten. For 99th percentile, how many answers can she get wrong?


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    1) Most finish each section early (faster than they should) but there is a required break between verbal and non-verbal.
    2) I only know data for past two years and it varies each year, but K-Q1'ers need at least ~25/30 verbal and ~40/48 non-verbal to get 99's. If you get 98 in one section and 99 in the other, your total score will be 99.


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