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    Articles on the subject worth reading:




    IMHO parents do it to feed their own ego rather than for the long term benefit of the child. And besides the DOE is already ignoring more pressing requests such as school transfers due to bullying/safety, family moved/travel time from new home, etc.

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    Man!!! you should stick to your books - bye bye thread and don't be a joke Gregs Tutoring!

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    I took the time -- my time -- to respond to your concern multiple times. I was polite and sincere in my responses from the get-go and throughout. I believed and still believe my post in message #2 answered your question.

    I don't know what else you're asking, therefore if there is something more, merely elaborate.

    And be as respectful to me as I have been to you.

    This is an education-oriented forum, hence if there is an education concern, that's what we can and should be talking about.
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    @gotoschool You sound like a real jacka**!

    No other parents wants your socially immature 5 year old in the 3rd grade class. Teacher going to help them in the bathroom? What about gym? Get yourself some real materials too.


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