I've started my review of the current 2020-2021 SHSAT Handbook this week. It's already gone live and the first 4 parts are already documented via https://www.GregsTutoringNYC.com/SHSATReview and will continue to be updated as more parts get added.

As with a previous year's cover to cover SHSAT Handbook review I did/posted, this'll be a few dozen parts (my previous cover to cover review is also accessible from the link above). I will do about one part about every day for about an hour each. So it'll be a few dozen hours in total. I'm not just saying what the answer choice is. We'll be ripping the SHSAT to shreds, analyzing, exploring, learning, going on sidebars, etc.

I don't do BS. I do me. It'll be all live, no editing (unless YT messes up and I have to combo some of the streams). So yes I'll be long and boring about long and boring topics, that's the nature of this beast. Come join me and have a blast. And all in glorious Technicolor and SurroundSound!

I do this to "give back" but have a life and other students, therefore I will not necessarily be able to do this on a set schedule or time, so subscribe to my YouTube channel and you'll get notices as things go live. When possible, some I'll set a few hours before so you'll be able to see the start time. See you as we progress.

This is atop the already hundreds of SHSAT-center videos and hundreds of hours of SHSAT material already there. This my YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQE...rYueiTg/videos including my SHSAT Problem of the Day (POTD) series on YouTube https://www.GregsTutoringNYC.com/POTD, my "SHSAT ELA Starter Kit" videos https://www.GregsTutoringNYC.com/SHSATELA, my SHSAT 9-centric YouTube Livestreams https://www.GregsTutoringNYC.com/SHSAT9, and links to past SHSAT handbooks https://www.GregsTutoringNYC.com/SHSATHandbooks