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    Pre-K or Public K - which way to go?

    My daughter is too young for privates but old enough for publics for next year. I'm struggling between holding her back in a pre-k program or sending her to public k for a year and then applying to privates next year - any thoughts or suggestions?

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    There are plenty of private transition K programs you could send her to. As far as sending her to public K for year before sending to a private school k the year after . I suppose you could do that. Honestly, in my personal opinion it's wrong because there are plenty children trying to get into public school who can't afford private and your daughter would take that space from them.

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    Please don't take RDmom's personal opinion into vote. You have every right to have your child go to public school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfkinder View Post
    Please don't take RDmom's personal opinion into vote. You have every right to have your child go to public school.
    Of course you have every right to send your child to public school never said that wasn't the case.

    I just think using the public system for Kindergarten as a holding tank or free daycare for private k the next year is wrong. If you don't like like the public system in the first place why not apply to places like Presidio Hill that have a transitional k? Then again you might find in the year that your child in public it is a good fit. Though I guess if you get assigned to a less desirable public you'll probably rethink your decision anyway.

    I'm glad California is moving the birthday up to Sept 1st in a few years so this kind of thing is no longer an issue.

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    I can see both sides. If you think there's a chance you might stay in public for the long haul, you should try. However, if you're only buying time until your child is old enough to apply to private schools, I agree with RDMOM. You should leave the spot open for somebody else for whom public is their only option.

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    We were actually in a similar position last year. Our son got a too young letter from the private schools we applied to but was assigned our first choice for public school through the lottery. Even though public was a back up, we couldn't be happier about where we are and feel so lucky to be part of the community. We went on some more private school tours earlier this fall and are applying to only a couple of the ones that really blew us away. Even then, we still don't know what we would do if given the choice come March.

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    To add to RDmom's thread, public schools are funded on a per-head basis. Each day your child is at school, the school "gets paid" for your child. Keep your kid home for any reason and the school is not paid for that day. This can have a big impact when every single nickel counts...like right now when we are in a catastrophic funding crisis.

    Why does this matter? It matters because when you use public K as a holding tank before private school and then pull your child out in 1st grade, chances are that the school will not be able to find a replacement child unless it is a highly desirable school that parents want to transfer into in 1st grade. So, you have just really negatively impacted the school's bottom line - they have now lost that income for a slot for the next 5 years. And that matters - because school budgets today need maximum enrollment to pay for pretty much everything.

    Yes, it's not very considerate to take a spot away from a child who doesn't have any other options. But it's not very considerate to all the rest of the kids in the school who will now very likely also be impacted by your choice.

    Please do the right thing and keep your kid out of public school if you know in advance she definitely won't be staying. We have enough financial troubles already.

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    I appreciate all your thoughtful feedback. You've brought up many good points I hadn't considered before, particularly impact to other kids. We've been on the fence on whether to go public or private not just for the next year but longer term as well so you have certainly given me a lot to think about!

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