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    Kindergarten admissions vs gifted admissions


    The kindergarten admissions priority has to be submitted in by Jan 19. If I don't include ps174 and ps144 in my kindergarten priority list right now but my child fares very well in the gifted & talented test in april, will I then have an opportunity to possibly*send them to these two schools for the g&t class?

    Basically*I am not interested in the general education program at these two schools but I AM interested in the gifted & talented*program if my child does well on to the April test. Just making sure I understand this properly


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    You don’t need to. G&T show up as separate programs.

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    Yes, remove the undesired gen ed choices or you will end up with one, thereby losing your best fall back option if your child doesn't do well on the test.

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    Guys - just another clarification on this. Looks like g&t admissions is open and you have to put a priority list in which will be lottery based. If I get into g&t priority #3 and then decide I want to stay in my zoned school, will I have the option to?

    Also I searched for district 1 schools but didn't see Nest come up - aren't they allowing us to enter in citywide G&T for our choices?

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    G&T admissions is separate from gen-ed kindergarten admissions. What you listed for gen-ed kindergarten will have no impact on your G&T placement/lottery, and vice versa. You'll find out your child's gen-ed kindergarten placement in April and your child's G&T placement in the summer. After you receive the G&T placement, you can then enroll in the G&T program and unenroll from the gen-ed seat. If you don't get a G&T placement, then the gen-ed placement in April is your child's kindergarten seat for next year.

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    Sorry about being anal about this but even if we get our #1 g&t priority, we still have the option to accept the offer or reject it and simply stay in our zoned school correct?


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    Yes. One way to look at it is that according to the DOE having G&T is not required. So they'll guarantee you your zoned seat.

    If you later get a G&T offer, you don't have to accept it. If you don't accept the G&T seat, your zoned seat remains.

    If you do accept the G&T seat, it overrides your zoned seat. If you do accept it, you're telling them you're giving up your zoned seat and the zoned seat can be given to somebody else.
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    Typically if one chooses a g&t school and mid-year isn't satisfied with it, can you move back to your zoned school if there is a spot or do you have to wait till following year?

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    Even with a seat available the DOE has been reluctant about that kind of thing more and more, and doubled down even further since the pandemic. It means one needs to be even more diligent in the initial choice than ever, which is often no easy feat. And now clouded with remote learning and also clouded with "new G&T" so a moving target to boot, even for non-G&T classes.
    Passionate tutor of Elementary School subjects specializing in NY state tests, and the specialized high/middle school tests (SHSAT, Hunter, TACHS/CHSEE, ISEE, SSAT, ERB, ...)

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    Has the DOE been ok with parents wanting to switch between grades?


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