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Thread: Full G&T tests

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    Full G&T tests


    What do you see are the best resources for full G&T tests, hopefully one that mirrors the actual test. Are there any free ones available as well which include all topics that they'll be tested on


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    You can buy the BrightKids kits which contain full tests.

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    Thanks. Also ae there any practical shapes numbers letters etc which are specifically created to teach children this topic. it seems many of these patterns can flip 180 degrees horizontally or vertically or even mirrored and sometimes only 45 or 90. It's impossible to imagine these things mentally without trying it out on a few physical objects. Please see image below. If you have some amazon links for this that'll be great

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    Actually some can mentally do it. In any event places such as BrightKids sell manipulatives and other physical such things of various sorts (not sure if they literally have this one offhand I don't remember). Often for a particular concept, I will make my own.
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