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    Entering Hunter Elementary as a 4 Year Old

    Hi - we are incredibly lucky to have been accepted into the upcoming Kindergarten class of Hunter College Elementary School. Our only concern is that my child has a Fall birthday and will still be 4 when starting Kindergarten. If not for Hunter, we would have stayed in pre-school for another year and applied to private schools next year. My child is pretty mature, diligent and has a lot of stamina for school. But I canít help but worry a little about entering into a potentially higher pressure school as one of the youngest in the class. I would love any perspective that the group has.

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    My kid's turning 5 in August, so he's a little older than your kid, though probably not by much. But I started kindergarten when I was 4.5 (March birthday) and it was totally fine. I think a mix of ages is good. The local DOE school we were trying to get in at (we were waitlisted) had mixed kindergarten and 1st grade, and that seemed like a nice system to me.

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    Not specifically Hunter, but we know a family with a late December birthday child at a citywide G&T and that child is doing well.

    You can always go to Hunter for K. If it's not a good fit, then just apply to a private school next year like you had planned.

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    Hi! My child was accepted as well (Sept birthday). I was also concerned as we had planned to keep her enrolled in her private preschool and apply to private school next year as well. If we decided on Hunter, we will actually lose a pretty big deposit that we already paid to her preschool due to Hunter’s late notification this year. As well as having a late birthday, my daughter also attends a play based preschool now and I’ve heard that Hunter’s kindergarten is heavily academically focused. I’m so scared about how she will transition. Hopefully, we’ll learn more in the info session tomo night. But as others have stated, if we find it not to be a good fit for her, we can always still apply for independent schools for the following year.

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    This article is a few years old and, despite the first paragraph, actually about a parent’s experience with the Anderson School rather than Hunter, but I thought it might be helpful: https://newyorkschooltalk.org/2017/0...nyc-mom-tells/

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    Thanks Micha for the article. After the info session yesterday, we’ve decided that we will send her. Seems the kindergarten class is a close community and that hopefully she’ll get the social/emotional support that she needs as a younger kindergarten. We will still apply to independent schools just in case Hunter ends up not being a good fit for her.

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    Yeah we are trying to make the same decision, but for our son. Thanks for the article Micha. It's what we heard as well from counselors. Seems that for girls it makes sense to give it a try and have them enter a little sooner. For boys, it seems better to wait from the beginning. That development is slower and socially could be a setback to start too early. We are leaning heavily towards staying in pre-k one more year and applying to K next year. But of course it's different for every child.

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    Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Like Addysprig we also decided to send our daughter to Hunter next year after the info session. Our daughter also attends a play-based pre-school. But at least to us, the teachers and the environment seemed like they would be supportive of young learners. It seems like they recognize that students are coming from lots of different backgrounds.

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    My daughter started at HCES at the age of 4. Her birthday is late in the year (October) too. Don't panic folks, it's not that bad!

    Congrats to all who got the acceptance!

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    Congrats to those that made it in.
    I have a child who will be applying next year.

    Did you do anything in general to prepare your child for the exam (I realize there was no in person group session and exposure to exam materials is forbidden) or do you feel your child had some unique skillsets. I know its hard to determine how the decision is really made, so just asking if you have any suggestions.

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