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    Should we accept our 166 G&T offer?

    My kid is enrolled in ps 9 and today we found out she got accepted into the ps 166 g&t program. Now we are trying to decide if it's worth the switch. Given that there wasn't actual testing this year, I wonder what it means to be in a g&t program. Do people think it's still worth it even if you are enrolled in a good general program?

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    Sounds like we’re in the same boat. Because of all the chaos with the G&T I enrolled my kindergartener in a charter school but he just got accepted to a G&T. Given all the fuss with the Board of ED and the G&T, I am trying to decide is it’s even worth accepting the seat.

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    There are still good reasons to take a G&T spot even without the test. It's a self-selected group. Kids will be advanced and/or parents will support them to do well academically if they aren't. The teachers will be accustomed to teaching advanced students and will keep standards high. I also think G&T classrooms are generally more stable - you don't get kids coming in mid-year who need to be caught up, etc.

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    Thank you, those are thoughtful reasons to consider accepting it. I did hear a lot of good things about PS 9 (most parents seem very happy), and I've heard rumors about some staff strife at 166, so that's another thing we are taking into consideration.


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