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    NEST+m 1st grade offer?

    Has anyone received 1st grade offer from NEST+m? Looks like TAG and Q300 have already given out offers. Any info will be appreciated, especially on attrition and number of qualified siblings.

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    Was your DC's K NEST waitlist number from last year in the 1-30s range? You can always reach out the school or the parent coordinators directly to check and confirm that your DC is indeed on the waitlist they have.

    There should be no qualified siblings going into 1st grade at NEST since any qualified sibling from last year would've been admitted to K already. Any sibling who scored below 97 last year wouldn't have been on the K waitlist and would not get an offer this year for 1st grade.

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    Thank you. Yes the number is under 20. I was thinking maybe there are qualified siblings of this year’s K class but there shouldn’t be many. Will try emailing the parent coordinator.

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    Emailed parent coordinator and admissions office with no response. Please let me know if anyone hears about 1st grade offers being given out at NEST. Thanks

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    I have a similar situation with my entering third grader. Last year he was a waitlisted second grader. I never received a response from NEST. I'm guessing its a "don't call us, we'll call you" mentality.. sigh.

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    I just heard about someone who received NEST 1st grade offer on Jun 30, and she just had a few days to consider the offer. So I guess the first wave of 1st grade offers have already been given out. Unfortunately we might have to wait until school starts to see if there’s any attrition.

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