The DOE has not yet stated when the SHSAT will begin, nor how it will be done this year, nor where it will be held.

Traditionally the SHSAT was often held towards the end of Oct. That would probably put things at Oct 23. Many things with the DOE more officially involve a 10-day notice and on stuff like this less officially a 6-week notice. That means they have until the first week of school to make such a statement, or that window will no longer exist. Right now the first week of school is Sept 13+. If the opening of school changes -- and it still might -- that week won't change in terms of meeting an Oct 23 possibility.

So, that's a line in the sand. Yes, it could be that the SHSAT is not going to happen until Jan/Feb again this go through. Therefore, unfortunately, you must plan and pace for at least both scenarios!

So we're two month in. Check out my 8 Week Study Guide and Whether you've been prepping/studying or not, this is a good time to assess where you are in a cool, calm, and collected way. If you need to, hit the reset button. If you need to, hire a tutor. There is still time. I've successfully tutored many students for both SHSAT 8 and SHSAT 9 at the two month mark (exactly where we are now).

If you haven't documented your strengths and weaknesses this a good point to do so. Tackle the topics you still know nothing about. Work on the topics you're so-so about. Work on your pacing, test-taking skills, literacy, and numeracy.

Stay focused on topic and concepts not questions.

Remember too, once school starts you will have that to juggle through classwork.

And pace your prep. If we learn say tomorrow that the exam is in Jan, that clearly can change your prep schedule. Balance how you're proceeding now so that you can adapt whether the exam is in Oct/Nov or Jan/Feb (and yes, I'm mentioning Jan/Feb as if it would have to be then instead but until we know, we don't know, but still have to use some estimate).

If you don't consider the balance, or you just keep waiting, you'll be hurting yourself. I had some families who did this last go around, and it became very bumpy and a disadvantage. Yes, this might be a start-stop-go process as we learn info about the dates, or not, but as unfortunately as that may be, that's still the better alternative to doing nothing or waiting. The DOE is presenting an ill situation, but waiting them out is not a solution.

Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns that you have, or if you're stuck on a specific problem.