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    I also heard so. Some tutoring program also mentioned if the test last longer than 50min, you'll have better chance advancing to the 2nd round. But as mentioned, I also think it all depends on how the child approaches the questions, and how the tester administers it.

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    I heard this too but also heard (from elsewhere) that the administration should still continue, so conflicting.
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    Hi, do you know when we will get results of the first test? Thank you

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    I mean if the child goes to second round or not, not the score

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    Quote Originally Posted by dalei View Post
    I mean if the child goes to second round or not, not the score
    They said by December 24th, 2021.

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    Does anyone know how many applications Hunter received this year?

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    It looks like notifications for advancement to Round 2 will start going out tomorrow, Dec 10, on a "rolling basis".

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    Did anyone get any notification yet from Hunter? Why are they sending it out on a rolling basis? It doesn't make any sense to me. They have all the test results and the application closed last month.

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    No, not yet. All families will be notify of the result. Even though the application closed last month, there might had some families who didn’t apply until the last minute. Assuming there are people who applied on the last day, they would have up to 3-4 weeks to schedule a date and time with the tester. On top of that, sometime the tester might not be available, so the test date had to postpone for another week or two, so now you are looking at 5-6 weeks.


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