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    Hunter College Elementary School

    Fall 2022 admissions for Hunter College Elementary School is now live. Application deadline is 4pm Nov 2.

    Passionate tutor of Elementary School subjects specializing in NY state tests, and the specialized high/middle school tests (SHSAT, Hunter, TACHS/CHSEE, ISEE, SSAT, ERB, ...)

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    HCES is now open to applicants from all five boroughs, no longer limited to just Manhattan residents.

    "Only NYC* residents may apply and enroll into HCES. Parents must be able to document their primary home address in NYC as of the date of application and must remain residents of NYC as long as the child attends HCES.

    *NYC is defined as the five boroughs and does not include Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk counties."

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    Thank you! Does Hunter target a fairly even age split across the class?

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    The first round test is scored based on age. I would imagine admissions considers each child's age for the second round. At least based on this thread, kids born late in the year are getting admitted.


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    No to fairly even age splits. This is 2021. The next group of students will likely be racially diverse and from all 5 boroughs. Those are stats that can be clearly visible and be bragged about. Like any other grade in any other school, you will have kids born in the same calendar year but up to 364 days apart.


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