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    Hidden Gem Preschools on the UES?

    Can anyone recommend a great preschool on the UES that is not as competitive to get in to? I'm looking for something to supplement a typical TT list.

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    would you consider crossing the park? some good gems on the west side.

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    Yes, if the school isn't far from the crosstown bus. Thanks.

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    Are you looking for something that's more developmental or more academic? If you're interested in looking beyond the usual TT suspects, then take a look at these other schools: Garden House, IPS, Merricats, Rhinelander, Shaaray Tefila, Temple Israel, William Woodward Jr, and York Ave.

    Rhinelander is going through a director transition so you'll need to decide for yourself how comfortable you are with that. And for William Woodward Jr, they give preference to New York Hospital staff, but you never know.

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    On the west side you should check out Columbus Park West, West Side Preschool and First Friends Preschool

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    Thanks for all of your suggestions!

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    if anyone is visiting this forum still, Caedmon also seems to be a good option.

    It's a safety pick (hopefully) for us this year.

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    major gem that few know about, word of mouth only. NoteWorthy School - 212-595-2506
    41W86th st suite 2F
    The best program I have ever seen! 2 of my 3 children attended, the last is there now.
    They use music to teach. really innovative and interesting. Small, nurturing, close to the park. We love it

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    There's a really good one on 1st Ave and 100th that a few of us at Metropolitan Hospital use (it's just a couple of blocks away) and besides flexible full and part-time options they have password protected webcam access you can view on your computer or your phone. My child is enrolled with them now in the 4's program. Its Building Blocks Play Group , they are really great about tailoring a schedule that works for you if you need part-time care.


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