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    Question Discovery Program 2022

    A friend's child received an offer to Stuy's discovery program. Just curious what is the criteria to successfully complete the Summer camp and eventually get into Stuy? (One interesting fact. The offer letter was issued on April 14, 2022.)

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    It's never defined exactly. However, do all the assignments, show up, and make the best of it, and there is a good shot. I have an overview of some nuances to Discovery here https://www.GregsTutoringNYC.com/shsat-Discovery including touching on your question.
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    Thank you Greg. "do all the assignments, show up, and make the best of it" is a piece of cake to the kid. The kid is in the school's honor program. Straight As. Next month will take couple of Regents Exams.

    "the Discovery ranges based on the Dec 2021 SHSAT are:
    • Stuy 465-496"
    seem still accurate this year.

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