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    Thoughts on the new SFUSD new student placement policy?

    SFUSD will be formally releasing its draft recommendations for elementary school attendance areas, middle school feeder patterns and transportation policy today. When it comes out, please take a look. Do you like it or hate it? Please share your thoughts with all of us!


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    Where can we find the draft recommendations? I looked today on the SFUSD web site, but did not see anything.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The proposed changes to SFUSD student placement policy are up. You can look at the Aug. 18 draft recommendations (ES attendance area boundaries and MS feeder patterns) here:


    Let us know what you think!

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    Rachel Norton: Attendance areas and feeder patterns

    Here are snippets from SFBOE member Rachel Norton's blog post after the draft maps of ES attendance areas and MS feeder patterns were unveiled last night:
    Generally, I didn’t feel there were many huge surprises, or attendance areas that felt terribly “gerrymandered.” Parents from McKinley Elementary were on hand to protest the proposal that their school would feed into Everett Middle School; another group of parents pushing for a neighborhood-only school assignment scheme also came to speak for public comment.
    The McKinley comments were difficult for me, because it’s a community I feel very connected to... I understand that parents at McKinley have worked tremendously hard to boost enrollment at their school... I also understand that Everett Middle School is on the state’s own dreaded list of persistently underperforming schools, so for many parents enrolling at Everett represents a leap of faith — trust that the school district can and will turn the school around. On the other hand, the whole reason we wrote middle school feeder patterns into the new assignment plan was to give families the reassurance that their child’s peer group would remain stable during the transition to middle school. As Commissioner Wynns said tonight, “Everett will be McKinley,” if students follow the feeder patterns...
    To read her full blog post, click here.

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    If we're in the boundary for New Traditions even though we prefer schools in other attendance areas such as Clarendon, George Peabody or Jose Ortega, does that mean we're basically SOL? Frustrating to think that we actually had better chances last year for the non city-wide schools that we actually want. Unless we get lucky in one of the city-wide schools, it feels like SFUSD is forcing us to go private or say bye-bye to the city.

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    chellebellesf - you're actually ok for Clarendon and Jose Ortega if you're looking at their language programs. Language programs are considered city-wide. For Peabody, on the other hand, you're in a tough situation.

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    Couldn't agree more! I never thought we would leave the city – NEVER. However, this morning I am seriously starting to think about it. And, I find Rachel Norton's comment that “parents need to take a leap of faith” incredibly condescending – it’s a lot to ask with a child’s education.

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    Rachel Norton: Oh, so many questions!

    Not surprising, SFBOE member Rachel Norton received a deluge of questions regarding the SFUSD's draft recommendations for student placement. Here are some of of the questions she's hoping to ask the staff the next opportunity she gets:
    • Language programs and pathways – lots of questions here about why some pathways are separated and others are merged — why wouldn’t it make sense, for example, to have both of the Japanese language/culture pathways (one at Clarendon and one at Rosa Parks) go together to the same middle school? Why did we feed the two very small Mandarin pathways (Starr King and Jose Ortega) into two separate middle schools rather than bringing them together?
    • Child development programs – the explanatory materials for parents need more explanation of our Child Development Programs, how to apply and a map of where they are located.
    • Should we tweak the west side feeder patterns? I love that Cobb is feeding into Presidio and the 1-California and 38-Geary bus lines are a straight shot from Lower Pac Hts to the outer Richmond. But I wonder if perhaps Peabody or McCoppin should also feed into Roosevelt to boost the school’s neighborhood draw and keep the school socioeconomically diverse. Both schools are much closer to Roosevelt than they are to Presidio.
    To read her full blog post, click here.

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    A Road Map for Segregating San Francisco’s Middle Schools

    Excerpts from the BeyondChron article by Hunter Cutting, a parent of two children in the San Francisco public schools, in response to SFUSD's new student assignment system:
    The just-announced map for force-feeding students graduating from San Francisco elementary schools into middle schools chosen by the District will eliminate the limited choice families currently have in choosing middle schools and, worse, will lock East Side families into the poorly performing middle schools, a hurt that will fall mostly on low-income families and families of color, particularly Latino families. The plan also tears apart the Spanish language immersion program in San Francisco’s middle schools, and offers nothing in return to fix the damage.

    The District’s plan also effectively abolishes sibling preference for enrollment in middle schools. This is a move that will make life miserable for the many families with kids already in middle school who will no longer be able to enroll their younger child in the same school, burdening over-stretched families with the task of juggling lives in two schools, again punishing those with the least resources.

    It’s complicated assignment plan, but it’s pretty easy to understand just by taking a look at the proposed map. We are about enshrine residential segregation in the schools.
    To read more, click here.

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    Do you have to rank your attendance area school 1st in the lottery? I was hoping to prioritize immersion but then go to our attendance area school if that failed.

    I just found this on the SFUSD website: "You are not required to choose your attendance area school, nor can you be guaranteed a placement at your attendance area school."

    Does anyone know how this is actually going to work?

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