All District 2 middle schools will have NO screening, its all a lottery.

Why do we keep voting for these awful politicians? Why are we letting this happen?

Have you all noticed the police are now letting illegal weed dealers sell THC and edible THC in packaging targeted toward our Middle School youth. The wrappers are literally candy wrappers. Police are not ticketing or arresting under Mayor Adams. Its all over Union Square and Washington Square.

I've called the police and even spoke to the parks department police. I was also told that the police were told not to arrest weed dealers (with no license to distribute) and also not to arrest for prostitution either. Low level crime is not a priority. Sad because we are the ones paying for when things are stolen from our local CVS and Duane Reade.

These new policies won't support better integration in the schools. Those that can afford alternatives to these newly dumbed down schools will leave NYC or will pay for private school. NYC school system will be even more homogenous as certain continue to leave the public school system.

I'm just frankly disgusted.