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    SF Chron article: East Bay school for boys -- wish we had one on the peninsula!

    I read this story in the SF Chronicle over the weekend and would love for a school like this to open on the Peninsula/Silicon Valley. Any parent to boys knows they are genetic wiggle worms and sitting in a desk for sessions on end is a tough thing, especially for younger boys. Wish more schools believed in this philosophy where "always on the move" is not only prized, it's built into the curriculum."

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...#ixzz0x3yweO3R

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    There are three good all boys grade schools in the city - Town, Stuart Hall and Cathedral. Time to move back to the city?

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    You know, my brother went to Grace Catherdral and sang in the choir. I remember him coming home with book shelves that he had built in carpentry class For me, it's more about teachers having a better understanding of how to teach to boys. The boys academy in the article appealed to me because it was so spot on in focusing on boys' learning styles.

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