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    Where can I find the list of Intel Science Talent Search Semifnalists?

    I've been googling for the list of Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalists but not having much success. Can somebody point me to it? I'm curious to see how many high school students from the city were on the list.

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    Here's the url:


    I was interested in the number of kids from the city who were semifinalists as well. Here's the breakdown:

    Bronx Science (8)
    Stuyvesant (5)
    Townsend Harris (1)

    Dalton (1)
    Horace Mann (2)
    Riverdale Country (1)
    Heschel (1)

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    Ty. Exactly what I was looking for. Not sure why I couldn't find it before.

    It's somewhat disappointing only 5 of the 19 semifinalists from the city are girls and none of the SS girls schools placed anyone.

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