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    Hi - just a couple questions to help clarify.

    Do the specialized high schools send an acceptance letter before the NYC non-specialized high school acceptance letter?

    Does the specialized high school acceptance get sent home or to school? I know the non-specialized letter is given in school.

    Is there time to decide between choosing the specialized vs non-specialized?

    Trying to understand the acceptance process. Thank you.

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    You will get one letter with notification about both placements. The one letter (that will give you the results of the specialized HS test and your regular placement) will be given out at school. You usually have about a week to decide.
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    Just received word from a friend who works at a public school that the school received an e-mail from the DOE stating that letters will start to be available on Thursday, March 5th. Sometimes if they are released in the afternoon, schools will not distribute them until they have them all printed so it may be Friday, March 6th before your child gets the letter to bring home.

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    Thanks for the update regarding the letters availability....

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    Per DOE website, they will begin releasing results March 5th, as LauraF stated.


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    The results are coming to schools, but they have to give them out all at once and it may take them a day to get everything ready to release. Call your school to find out whether you will get the letters on Thurs. or Fri. and talk to your child about not opening the letter until they get home and expectations.
    ask me about brooklyn schools
    joyce szuflita http://www.nycschoolhelp.com/

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    Now is this release going to be for specialized results only or will it include ALL matches?

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    I believe it is double sided with specialized on one and round 1 on the other. My kids attend private school and the principal said that they normally get the results later in the day than the public middle schools.

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