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    When do the specialized high schools send out acceptance notifications?

    When do Stuy, Brooklyn Tech and other specialized high schools send out their acceptance or rejection notifications? Do they mail or email it to you?

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    Replies come out today, Friday 2/11. The students will receive a letter at the end of the day at school in person. If they are offered a seat at one of the Specialized HS or LaGuardia they should also receive an offer from their 1 in 12 application. The Specialized HS will have open houses. You should make a copy of the letter with your decision checked off before you give it back to your guidance counselor to submit on or before Feb. 28.

    If your child is not offered a seat at this time, the main round results will be out on March 31.
    DOE calendar http://schools.nyc.gov/ChoicesEnroll...ar/default.htm

    This is also the weekend of the New HS Fair. Students who want to add a school or two, or private school students who have found that they will not be attending their current school next fall should go to the fair, get an application and make sure and submit the application by Feb. 28. The New School Directory is available online:
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    Quote Originally Posted by nycschoolhelp View Post
    If your child is not offered a seat at this time, the main round results will be out on March 31.
    nycschoolhelp - thank you for the info. Can you elaborate what happens if we don't receive any offers? What is the main round? Is that when the schools look at who accepted offers and then go on to accept more people who didn't meet the original cutoff?

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    All students have been placed right now, but the DOE doesn't reveal the results of the placement until after the New School Fair applications are received, where students can resubmit a new application with additional or different schools listed, and the students who have received the specialized HS placements make their decisions about whether they want to take the Specialized HS seat or their regular 1in12 application seat. All the Specialized HS make there offers at this time - there is no waitlist for placement there. There is not a big reshuffle in the placements but there will be some little movement. That is why they don't reveal them for another 6 weeks.

    It is a pretty complicated explanation. I have blogged about it here:
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    I get it - if your score qualifies you for a specialized high school, then you would have found out today. Seems like we're out of luck. Now we wait until the end of the month to know which 1 in 12 we got in? Is that right? Also, your blog post mentions schools "internally ranking" a studen: how do they do that?

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    Our son goes to private school but is applying out for public high school. We haven't received the placement letter yet. Do you know if the letter gets sent to somebody at his school or directly to us?

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    I believe more schools are sending the letter home. I am not sure if anyone is getting letters straight from the DOE. I would inquire at your school.

    To answer the previous writer, the schools rank the students depending on their admissions criteria. The "Screened" schools use attendance/punctuality, grades and test scores and some add their own tests/interviews/academic portfolios/or auditions, the ED Opt schools have a formula that is half screened criteria/half random selection by test score, the "Limited Unscreened" programs choose randomly from students who have shown an interest in the school by attending a tour or fair.
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    We're going through the process next year. I can only hope that my daughter gets into a specialized high school. It just seems so cruel to have to wait and squirm for over a month while your friends who get into one of those specialized schools already know where they're going to go.

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    Does anybody know if the DOE provides the score cutoffs by school?

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    The DOE doesn't provide cutt offs and they are slightly different every year. The discussion is going on right now at insideschools - parents comparing scores to determine the probable cuttoffs.

    I will be holding my first "HS Choice: Calm and Clear" talk in early April. When I set the date I will list it here, on my website and in my newsletter.
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