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    Red face Preparing for Preschool Transition

    I just wrote a blog post with some ideas for surviving the preschool transition. I hope it's helpful to some of you. I figured I'd post it even though most of you are still in the process of finding schools; it doesn't hurt to have info ahead of time! Here's a little snippet:

    The start of the school year is right around the corner. At this time last year I was pretty nervous as our children were going to be starting preschool for the first time. In particular, I was really worried about how my very sensitive son who really loved his mommy was going to deal with the transition. I was also stressed out about how I was going to handle it! In theory, I loved the idea of having a few hours to myself while knowing that the kids were safe and happy; but the reality of it was that I was also sad that they were beginning to have a life without me, where there would be doing things and experiencing things that I had no part of. They were starting to be children and not babies anymore.

    Nevertheless, they were starting school and we, as a family, were going to be prepared for it. You may be familiar with my need for being prepared by now...I approached preschool the same way I approach most things in life: I researched, I picked people's brains, I read books and then I attacked the problem.


    Click here to read more.

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    This is a great piece for those of you who have kids about to start preschool!

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