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    I believe Cow Hollow makes phone calls to acceptances and does not send letters to rejects.

    Also, anyone hear from Laurel Hill Nursery? I ran into the admissions person in Laurel Village and she said if I hadn't heard from her by middle March to give her a call but just curious if calls or letters are going out yet.

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    Any feedback on 150 Parker. Our friends got into Lone Mountain - they were contacted 3 weeks ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfkinder View Post
    Any feedback on 150 Parker.
    My friend who told me about 150 Parker having only 7 non sibling spots seemed to indicate that they've made their acceptance calls.

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    I've been stressing for a couple of weeks about the preschool process. We did get into our first choice yesterday, but I had already told myself that had we not, we would continue to follow up and hope that a spot opened up between now and September - or even mid year. The reality is that SF is such a transient city, so there are always families moving away. I don't think a rejection at this point means that you won't get your child into one of your top choices. I have heard the key is persistence. Plus, even if I waited another year to send my son to preschool, it wouldn't have been the biggest deal in the world. I just want to put things in perspective because there is so much pressure on this process. I couldn't believe how stressed I felt because logically I kept telling myself all of the above. I guess we all want the best for our kids. Imagine what college will be like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmyKaufman View Post
    We did get into our first choice yesterday
    Congratulations! Do you mind if I ask which preschool that is? It would give some of us here an idea which schools have reached out to their acceptances already.

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    I know this must be a stressful time for many of you but have faith that things will work out. As another poster said, if you are on the wait list, be persistent and continue to follow up, even through the summer or the school year. It's not the end of the world if you child isn't going to preschool at 2 1/2. One of our friends didn't get into a sought after preschool until the school year started when a spot all of a sudden opened up.

    Also some of these schools have Pre-K or Transitional K programs that are somewhat easier to get into because some of the kids transition onto Kingergarten. If you can get your oldest in at that level, then the sibling policy will help when it comes time for your younger ones. Another thing is that many of the preschools also have summer programs. These summer programs are great ways for the school staff to get to know your child and your family. If a spot happen to become available, you would likely be near the top of the list since they already know you.

    Hope that helps soften the disappointment somewhat.

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    I was told that Serra Preschool sends out their acceptances in waves. I'm holding out hope that a few other preschools are like that, especially for the ones that I haven't received a letter.

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    It was Tiny Giants. It was our first choice school and I had been in touch with them since I was pregnant with my child (originally applied for Daycare). I also get a rejection from Alta Plaza, waitlisted at Stretch, and am still waiting to hear back from MDS Sherith Israel. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmyKaufman View Post
    It was Tiny Giants. It was our first choice school and I had been in touch with them since I was pregnant with my child (originally applied for Daycare).
    Wow, you were really on the ball! I had no idea we needed to be so involved that far in advance. Good for you. Between what you and averyn415 said, I'm allowing myself to take a little breath (can't take a deep breath quite yet). It's so helpful to know that the process doesn't end and that we should continue to follow up.

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    The process doesn't end ... but I would not count on getting off waitlist unless you are in contact consistently. Honestly, life happens and you forget to follow up.

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