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    Birthday party ideas for a 7 year old girl?

    I'm trying to brainstorm for ideas for my daughter's 7th birthday. Any fun ideas, themes, locations you can suggest? Thank you.

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    I'm trying to remember the ones we've been to recently. Acrosports and SF Gymnastics are two tumbling options. One of our friends had a fun one at It's Yoga Kids. I'm blanking right now but if I remember some more, I'll add to the list.

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    How about Tutu School? We had a birthday party for our daughter there once which was fun. Granted, she was much younger than 7 but tutus and cupcakes, how can you go wrong?

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    How about a faux slumber party for the girls? Our friends had one for their daughter where they invited a few of her friends over for an early slumber party. They drew, they did crafts, they played and then watched a movie in their PJs. It was a lot of fun without breaking the bank.

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