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    Should an Ex-**** Star Be Allowed to Teach?

    This from GOOD by Liz Dwyer:
    By all accounts, 38-year-old Tera Myers was an effective science teacher. During her four-year stint at Parkway North High School in Saint Louis, Missouri, Myers received favorable performance reviews from her principal and was well-liked by students, parents, and other staff members. But her teaching days at Parkway North are over after a student confronted her this week over a pornographic video she made almost 20 years ago.

    This isn't the first time Myers has been forced to resign over her pornographic past. In 2006 she was teaching in Paducah, Kentucky, under the name Tericka Dye. A football player at the school saw the video, confronted her about it, and then, shockingly, began distributing it on campus. A copy fell into another teacher's hands, and made its way to the school's administration. Myers was suspended with pay for the rest of the school year and her contract was not renewed.

    In the aftermath, she appeared on the Dr. Phil show, telling him that the district never indicated a problem with her effectiveness—again, she'd always received favorable performance reviews. Many teachers and students supported her but ultimately the district said they weren't rehiring her specifically because of her past. Another teacher at the school told Dr. Phil that Myers should not be kept on as a teacher because her past is "sinful" and would be a distraction for boys with raging hormones.

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    What do you think? Where do you stand on this issue?

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    Would I be thrilled? Absolutely not. But I think it would depend on her take on it. 20 years is a long time ago, and I'm not sure she should pay the price forever, if it's something she did at 19 and wants to move past.

    I would say the problem is more that students seem to be finding these videos. I know teenage boys look at ****, but are they getting any flack for looking at these videos? I mean, they can look at **** underage and she pays the price? I'm not expressing it well, but I'm basically saying both parties are at fault and she seems to be the one paying the price.

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