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    2021 SHSAT Results

    It seems like they are being released. I'm receiving comments of schools and scores from people who studied with me. Check the comment section below the video.


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    Parental notifications have gone out. Not posted to myschools yet. My kid received offer to SITHS, first choice, score of 567.

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    Can parents with kids in these schools comment on the following? I'm interested in Brooklyn Tech, but i'm sure others will be interested in other schools as well.
    - this year's in-person stats (e.g. 2-3 days a week)
    - in-person with live teachers or zoom in a room?
    - admin communications
    - fall plans - full 5 days, in-person?
    - reduction of rigor (shorter days, able to cover curriculum?, number of APs offered, etc.)
    - arts - performances (virtual)?
    - sports?

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    Would also love to hear this (and particularly interested in HSMSE).

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    I haven’t received my son’s scores yet and I’m becoming very upset

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    I have messaged you

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