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    SHSAT - transportation to Stuy from the northwest Bronx?

    Hi Friends and Parents,

    We live in Riverdale of the Bronx but did not realize a very long & unpredictable commute (by 1 train) to Stuy (perhaps my child should have picked BxSci instead). But living nearby Stuy is much more expensive than here.

    Is there anyone who knows how to find a private BUS option? Do we contact the school for more information? It seems BUS routes are available from Queens/Manhat to BxSci, but I couldn't find that for Bx to Stuy.

    Alternatively, is there any parent who have an interest to share the driving task to drop off kids in the morning? For example, each family may take turns by week/month and then rotate. Fortunately, less traffic now than before the pandemic, estimated 35-45 min. from central Riverdale to Stuy if departing at 6:40 - 7 am.

    Any information or thoughts/suggestions are highly appreciated!

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    There are no private school bus services to Stuyvesant because of the awful traffic and nowhere to unload once there.

    35 - 45 minutes is a best case scenario. The covid lull is ending and the west side is already seeing frequent standstills. Save your sanity and put your child on the 1, a 1:15 commute is probably the median for Stuyvesant. If it is unbearable they can take the 9th grade SHSAT for the Bronx High School of Science.


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