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    Which schools are their children in?
    Beacon, School of Future, Baruch, Clinton, and Lab. I bet they would all thrive at Murry Bergtraum, though.

    We all know that Shino doesn’t have any kids in public schools, but hers went to LaGuardia.

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    Emily was zoned for PS130 but refused to send her kids to a Chinatown school, so she sent them all to Peck Slip Elementary.

    For middle school she was zoned for MS-131, but again refused to send her kids to Chinatown, so she got them into Clinton ... screened, and the whitest and richest school in D2.

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    Is what's happening because D2 has more screened schools per interested students than the other districts/boroughs? If there were more Townsend Harris-like high schools scattered across Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and SI, there wouldn't be as much demand from Beacon, Baruch, Clinton, etc. from students from the other boroughs.

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    Exactly. So the answer should be to improve failing schoolings and build more screened schools. We need to vote in leaders who believe in education. Even in D2, there were fewer seats than children! Rather than pit parents against each other, we must come together and demand the bar be raised for all kids!

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    The streamed CECD2 meeting shows how rude some members are. Go to 34:35 to see parents cut off and infighting. Go to 1:01:25 to see how a parent was cut off due to a member's disapproval of his comments. SMH....

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    New CEC election results are out. Looks like Robin Broshi, Benjamin Morden, and Leonard Silverman are the three CEC2 returnees. There will be 6 new parent representatives for the next cycle.


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