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    Lab Middle School controversy

    A top Manhattan middle school sent parents into a rage when it announced that it was junking accelerated math classes — and agreed to hold meetings first amid the backlash.

    In what some families ripped as the Department of Education’s latest smothering of advanced academics, Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies principal Megan Adams emailed parents that “we will no longer have leveled math courses at Lab Middle School.”

    “I know this is a change,” she wrote, without offering any rationale for the move. “I assure you that this decision was not made lightly.”

    read the rest here:

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    Oh well, it looks like all the private schools and private tutoring places will see a big boost in business. I know we are not going to rely on the public school system to teach math! As always, those families with means to pay for tutoring will not be so affected as those families who rely on the public schools to give their kids education appropriate to their interests.

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    Lab has this update posted to their website. I think with screening in top schools going away, so will the advanced classes. It's not if, it's when..

    Community Engagement Around Math Instruction as of 6/11/21
    Dear Families,

    Thank you again to those that could join us for our Community Engagement Meeting Regarding Math Instruction at Lab Middle School. Based on feedback and questions we received over the past several days, we have decided to continue offering our Accelerated Math Courses for the coming year. We will move forward with our plan to place all 8th Grade Students in an Algebra course (either High School Algebra or Accelerated High School Algebra).

    For greater clarity, the courses to be offered in the 2021-22 School Year will include:
    6th Grade: 6th Grade Math (no change from 2020-2021)
    7th Grade: 7th Grade Math and Accelerated 7th Grade Math (no change from 2020-2021)
    8th Grade: High School Algebra Regents and Accelerated High School Algebra Regents (removal of 8th Grade Math as a course)

    We will spend time next year engaging deeply with our community to explore and study our math curriculum to better assess how math levels impact our students and school community.

    As a first step, I encourage you to complete the survey at the end of this message. Your feedback is important to us, and we will use this feedback as an entry-point to think about this work. I also encourage you to watch the recording of this morning's session and/or review the slide deck (both provided below) if you missed it and you would like to learn more about our decision.

    Based on this decision, I will not be holding the other planned Community Engagement session next week. I will be at the Parents' Association Meeting on Thursday, June 17th to share some plans for the coming year - including our course offerings for math.

    Thank you for your continued collaboration and partnership.

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